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Bill Due: You’re hurt-who pays the tab?

Were you recently injured in a workplace accident? If so, your medical bills are probably piling up. You are very likely also missing time from work. To make things worse, your employer or insurance company may be refusing to admit responsibility and pay what they owe you.  What Can MPanetta & Aminov P.C. Do to Help You?  First, we know how third-party personal Injury Actions work and how they Interact with your NYS Workers’ Compensation cases.  Sometimes the Workers’ compensation matter Is likely to lead to a larger recovery.  If your employer or insurance company has decided not to pay you the Read More

What You Need To Do If You Are Caught For A Second Or Third DUI

The crime of driving while intoxicated is incredibly serious. Not only are their criminal penalties tied to your actions, but there is the harsh reality that you honestly could have done another person harm due to your actions. That is why society wants to deter this crime heavily. In the event that you find yourself facing a second or even third case of a DUI charge you should make sure that you seek out a proper DUI attorney to help you with this case. Massimo & Panetta PC have worked on numerous DUI cases for their clients in the past. Read More

MLK: The Precedent He Set For Current Civil Rights Cases

When it comes to civil rights, there is no person more connected to this cause than the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who by his actions and words gave others the courage to seek justice they had long been denied. While only 39 when he died, he set a precedent for current civil rights cases that has been used in courtrooms across the United States. If you believe your civil rights have been violated, speak with a civil rights lawyer at Massimo & Panetta PC as soon as possible. Leadership Roles Whether as President of the Southern Christian Leadership Read More

Pulled Over? Your rights!

If you are pulled over for suspicion of DWI, you have rights that may be exercised. It is important to understand these rights because exercising them may minimize the chance of a conviction or misconduct by the police. What are some of the rides that you can exercise? When you are being investigated for a DWI, there are several rights that you may invoke. These include: 1) The right to remain silent: police officers may ask you questions to gather evidence. For example, they may ask how much you had to drink. Under the United States Constitution, you have the Read More

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman explains “sealed”

Greetings! We are New York’s top criminal law firm, Panetta & Aminov P.C. and we often get calls questioning “expungement” and/or sealing. The first thing you must know is that in New York, there’s no such thing as an “expunged” criminal record. That criminal plea follows you forever… Sounds terrible right? Even when they say that your record is going to be sealed, you must understand that it may not truly be sealed. We strive to correctly advise our clients and zealously protect their record. If you’re charged with a crime, this is arguably, the only firm to hire. Frank Read More