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What You Need To Do If You Are Caught For A Second Or Third DUI

The crime of driving while intoxicated is incredibly serious. Not only are their criminal penalties tied to your actions, but there is the harsh reality that you honestly could have done another person harm due to your actions. That is why society wants to deter this crime heavily. In the event that you find yourself facing a second or even third case of a DUI charge you should make sure that you seek out a proper DUI attorney to help you with this case.

Massimo & Panetta PC have worked on numerous DUI cases for their clients in the past. As a DWI lawyer the people there will understand that there are circumstances in which an individual may be arrested more than once for a driving while intoxicated charge. The reality is that a DWI attorney may end up seeing a number of these cases in which the offender has been charged with the same crime multiple times in their life. This is because alcohol is a very hard habit to quit and a lot of people find that they need help to get off of it. As such, Massimo & Panetta PC is not going to judge you if you request a DWI attorney from them.

The role of your DWI lawyer is to make sure that you only face the bare minimum penalties under the law. They need to work to help you start to make the right decisions in your life as much as possible, but in order to do so they must first work on getting you away from the legal system and back out into society where you can begin to straighten up your own act. Then and only then will you be able to take those first steps towards making amends and doing what you know to be right. Listen to your attorney as he or she starts to guide you through this process.

You should fully expect that the types of penalties that you are likely to face are going to be more severe than your first DWI charge. Make sure that you are respectful of the court and the judge as you go through this process. Follow all of the instructions that are laid out before you and you can start to make things right again.