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Firm Background

Frank Panetta and Ariel Aminov have established a fine reputation for protecting the rights of their clients in criminal law. They are both experienced in their field and well prepared to defend clients at trial. Every case is treated with care and attention to detail. Panetta & Aminov P.C. has carved out quite a name for themselves in both criminal and civil law. Frank C. Panetta, Esq. is the current Vice President of the Board of Directors of Nassau County Legal Aid Society.

Selecting The Right Lawyers

The Law firm of Panetta & Aminov P.C. understands that an arrest is a stressful time, filled with anxiety and uncertainty. We understand our client’s concerns and, unlike many lawyers, are always available to answer our client’s questions clearly and completely.

Frank Panetta and Ariel Aminov are known for their experience, skill and knowledge of criminal law, and have earned the respect of attorneys and district attorney’s alike. Their impeccable reputation, in turn, results in better dispositions for you, the client.

Panetta & Aminov P.C. will work to minimize the interruption to your life. They are true professionals with your best interest as their main priority.

First Time Arrests

It is a misconception that all first time arrests lead to a criminal record. With the right lawyer, many result in dismissals or reduction to non-criminal charges with fingerprints and photos being returned. Skilled lawyers also use legal technicalities to defeat the prosecutor.

What is a Felony? What is a Misdemeanor?

Felony is a crime punishable by over one year in jail. A misdemeanor is a criminal offence less serious than a felony. It is a crime punishable by up to a year in jail.

Common Misdemeanors Maximum Punishment
Driving while indicated(DWI) Up to one year in jail
Petit larcency Up to one year in jail
Possession of stolen property Up to one year in jail
Domestic Violence Up to one year in jail
Controlled substance abuse Up to one year in jail

Reasonable Fees

Panetta & Aminov’s fee structure is kept reasonable. There is also a custom payment schedule that is individually designed for each client’s needs. Payment plans will be discussed at your free consultation

Our Track Record

  • Won cases at trial under the most unbelievable odds with video tapes and confessions.
  • Successfully challenged and beaten sobriety tests and breathalyzer test results.
  • Retains vehicles that should be forfeited under DWI policies or has impounded vehicles returned.
  • Overturned judge’s rulings by thorough knowledge of law.
  • Had cases dismissed on technicalities.