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Bill Due: You’re hurt-who pays the tab?

Were you recently injured in a workplace accident? If so, your medical bills are probably piling up. You are very likely also missing time from work. To make things worse, your employer or insurance company may be refusing to admit responsibility and pay what they owe you. 

What Can MPanetta & Aminov P.C. Do to Help You? 

First, we know how third-party personal Injury Actions work and how they Interact with your NYS Workers’ Compensation cases.  Sometimes the Workers’ compensation matter Is likely to lead to a larger recovery.  
If your employer or insurance company has decided not to pay you the full settlement you deserve, you need to take your case to a higher legal power. To do this, you will need to engage the services of a personal injury attorney in New York.  A NYS Workers’ Compensation attorney is the person who will represent you in a court of law after you have filed your claim. 

Your lawyer will help you gather up all of the evidence you need to prove your injury really did happen the way that you claim it did. They will also help you hold up against the hostile questions from the opposing attorney. Your lawyer will give you valuable aid and counsel that will see you safely through to a victory at the end of the process. 

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer at Panetta & Aminov P.C.

Your best bet is to contact a personal injury lawyer at Panetta & Aminov P.C. This is the place where you can quickly find an experienced workers compensation attorney to help you. Your lawyer will help you present your case in court so that you can quickly win the settlement you need. 

Get in touch today to schedule an initial consultation. If your bills are piling up and you need relief soon, now is the time to act. We can help you file your case so that you can present the facts to a judge and get the justice you deserve. Contact the firm of Panetta & Aminov P.C. to get started.