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Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman explains “sealed”

Greetings! We are New York’s top criminal law firm, Panetta & Aminov P.C. and we often get calls questioning “expungement” and/or sealing. The first thing you must know is that in New York, there’s no such thing as an “expunged” criminal record. That criminal plea follows you forever… Sounds terrible right? Even when they say that your record is going to be sealed, you must understand that it may not truly be sealed. We strive to correctly advise our clients and zealously protect their record. If you’re charged with a crime, this is arguably, the only firm to hire. Frank Panetta & Ariel Aminov have between them, forty years of experience, beating DA’s, winning trials and overcoming insurmountable odds. The purpose of this post is to advise you about section 160.55 of the Criminal Procedure Law or CPL, where your matter is supposed to be sealed, the prosecutor and judges tell you that it’s sealed, but it’s really not sealed.